Have you travelled the world in search of exotic experiences? Perhaps it’s time to give Lapland a chance to surprise you. Levi is an easily accessible all-year-round holiday destination and Finland’s largest ski-resort, located just above the arctic circle. From the comfort of your private villa, you’ll be able to make daytrips, enjoy a wide range of highly desirable and unique experiences, created and perfected by Levi Spirit.




Winter on the fell could best be described by snow, complete silence and a starry sky made bright by the frost. This coldest time of year hides within it tremendous beauty and magic. The polar night fills the fell with romance, and the best ending to a day spent outdoors is relaxing by a roaring fire. The blue hues of the heart of winter are a delight and the seasonal holidays – Christmas and New Year – make tradition a part of the visit.

When the polar night gives way to the first rays of sunshine, the fell begins to prepare for a new season – the spring. This beautiful time of year is flooded with light while the perfect snow still crunches beneath shoes and skis. It is the peak time for skiing, both downhill and cross-country, as well as for gazing upwards and seeing the northern lights.

Cross Country Skiing


Cross country skiing is one of the best ways to appreciate the serenity of Finnish forests whilst bringing peace to mind and body. Levi offers 230km of maintained tracks for everyone from beginners to ski enthusiasts.

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Reindeer Sledding


The most traditional way to travel in Lapland is to do it in a reindeer sleigh. As the reindeer slowly walks through the wintery landscape, you can experience the feeling of being a part of nature.

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Snow Shoeing


Deep unreachable snow, wilderness huts in mysterious forests – Places you can only reach with snowshoes… Let’s have fun and discover!

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort



A snowmobile safari is a fun way to get to the nature. Levi has over 900km of maintained snowmobile tracks. Snowmobiling can be combined with other activities like aurora hunting or reindeers.

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Husky Safari


This is as fun as it gets! The sleigh is pulled by enthusiastic team of huskies and you have the chance to be the driver or a passenger. The speed is guaranteed throughout the journey!

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Ice Fishing


Levi and its surroundings has many lakes, ponds, rivers and small streams. All of them are suitable for fishing and can be the source of the greatest fishing stories ever!

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Snow village


Each year the Snow Village is built anew and every time different. Inside the snow castle there is an ice bar, ice chapel and snow hotel with beautiful ice and snow sculptures. Also a possibility to dine in the ice restaurant.

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Ice Carting


Try out rally sports in Levi! Ice karting race is driven on an ice track with go-carts equipped with studded tyres and four-cycle engines. Minimum length for kids to be able to drive is 140cm

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Horse Sleigh Ride


Sit back and relax on a one horse open sleigh ride with a jingle bell along a small snowy forest road. Very good opportunity to see and feel silence, magical Northern sky and perhaps the Northern lights!

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Down Hill Skiing


Skiing and snowboarding on the versatile slopes of Levi offer interesting things to do for all the family. The 43 slopes and 27 lifts at the Levi alpine resort will create many memorable moments on the slopes. Skiing season starts in October, and lasts until late May

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Rally Driving


Combine the exotic North with the thrill of speed by spending a day in Finnish Lapland driving around the snowiest Arctic landscape in Europe!

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort

Santa and Elves


Relax at the comfort of your own villa with an elf baking gingerbreads in the kitchen, or crafting Christmas decorations with the kids around the dining table… Visit the Elves village for a magical experience or, have the Santa to pay you a private visit at the Villa.




Nature plays a significant role in our life in Lapland and people are highly sensitive to the variations of the seasons. As the changes in nature happen in a fast pace, instead of only four seasons, we speak of eight. Between Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, we have developed half-seasons, that reflect the constantly changing weather and light in Lapland. There are things to experience and see All-Year-Round in the area.

Fat Biking


Fat-bikes are mountain bikes – you can ride them everywhere. They offer a unique experience and allow you to explore beautiful nature in a totally new way. Also electrically assisted bikes available to ease the experience or just for added fun!

Levi Center


Levi is a compact resort with a fast-beating heart. Only 10 min away from our resort you will find a variety of bars and restaurants, versatile shops and other services as for example a spa, wellness club and bowling.

Horseback riding


Explore the trails of magical forest and fells on domestic Finnish horses. On horseback you get close to nature whether it is summer or winter.




Levi Sauna



Sauna has an important role in the lives of Finns. In addition to the relaxing spa-like Sauna in your villa, there are several others to experience around the area. Have you ever been in a smoke sauna or taken a swim in a frozen lake?

Art & Culture


Lapland’s inspiring nature has created many artist’s. One of the most well known in Reidar Särestöniemi, but there are also many others. A nice way to spend a day, is and educational visit to Sami Land to learn about history, culture, and mythology of Sami people.

Spa & Beauty


Several spa’s in Levi do house calls and come to your villa for hair, nails, makeup, massages and lot more. You can also visit them for any special treatments done at the clinics.




As the snow recedes from the slopes and woods, it is time to prepare for the eternal day. Midnight sun is a phenomenon that will leave a beautiful, magical memory that will last for the rest of your life. Experience the largest midsummer bonfire of the Northern Hemisphere and notice the phenomenal colours of summer in an entirely new way. Levi also offers incredible cross-country cycling and hiking networks.

When nature begins to prepare for the winter, Levi and its surroundings are painted with a tremendous autumn palette. The colours of the foliage are breath-taking and hiking, riding and gathering the fruits of nature in the wild is a relaxing, beautiful experience. Autumn is the most gentle and calm time of year at the fell.

Levi Spirit - Luxury Villas & Resort



At Levi you can hike on various paths and nearby routes, which bring you back to your accommodation by evening. The longer paths will lead you to the gorgeous national park landscapes of Pallas–Yllästunturi.



These safaris are suitable for beginners and for the whole family. Whilst slowly paddling and admiring the beautiful, serene nature, you will forget all your daily worries…




Blueberries, bilberries grow right outside the door and can be picked straight to the mouth from the ground. Lapland also grows many types of mushrooms and natural herbs, that you can learn more about on a guided tour.

Levi Husky hike

Hiking with Huskies


Enjoy the nature while hiking with energetic husky dog on a forest path. During this hike our guide tells you about the life of huskies, their life cycle and training. This is a very nice way to get to know this active breed.

Levi Golf



Levi has the Finland’s northernmost 18-hole golf course located between the mighty Levi fell and the sparkling Ounasjoki river. In mid-summer you can enjoy a game under the midnight sun and in fall under the northern lights.

Stand Up Paddling


Stand up Paddling has gained popularity as a fun way to exercise. Beginners are familiarized on a lake and more advanced paddlers can even go down a river with a guide.


Husky Cart Tour


A husky tour is possible also during summer and autumn! The tour is done with a cart (sleigh with wheels). You will enjoy the peace and silence of nature by driving with the huskies through the wilderness.

Levi fishing



Come catch a fish! There are plenty of lakes, rivers, and streams around Levi area where different types of fishing trips can be arranged. Would you like to fish from the shore or take a boat?

Activity Park


Rope Courses & Santa’s Zip Line

Base jump

Bike Park & Skate Park

Frisbee golf & Minigolf

Trampoline Park & Traffic Park

Gondola + peak trail

Tennis course

Padel course

Children’s playground





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