Oiva is a publication system for food-control information coordinated by the Finnish Food Authority. Oiva encourages companies to ensure their food hygiene and product safety. In everyday operations Oiva is the most visible in publishing Oiva reports of inspections conducted by the food inspectors. Inspections are carried out in accordance with the Oiva evaluation guidelines. Oiva is based on the valid regulations as set forth in the food legislation, and no additional requirements are placed on a company’s operation or the operator’s responsibilities when following the Oiva system instructions. Oiva harmonises inspection practices throughout Finland.

Find the Oiva report of Vanajanlinna Group destination from the find companies-site. Vanajanlinna Group destinations are Vanajanlinna, Linna Golfin klubiravintola Slotte, Metsänvartijan Tila, Mukkulan Kartano and Levi Spirit Lounge. They all have excellent results on their Oiva reports.

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Welcome to enjoy to the Vanajanlinna Group destinations! The sales service is happy to help you with all kinds of events. Meetings, conferences, banquets, weddings, dinners, christmas parties – from Vanajanlinna Group destinations you will find just the right venue and catering for all of your events.  À la carte-restaurant sesrves in Vanajanlinna, Hämeenlinna. Check opening hours from the web site. Also in Hämeenlinna is Linna Golf, whose Club restaurant Slotte is open every day on the golf season and serves golfers, Vanajanlinna hotel guests as well as occasional travellers. On other destinations, the Forester’s Estate, Mukkula Manor And Levi Spirit Lounge, catering is possible by pre-order. 

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Vanajanlinna Group - catering

Through the years Vanajanlinna in Hämeenlinna, Finland,  has served delicacies made from local ingredients and prepared with cooking skills that are polished to perfection.

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One of the best golf courses in country, Linna Golf in Hämeenlinna, is the only European Tour Courses -golf course in Finland. Award-winning Club restaurant Slotte is open daily during the golf season.


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The Forester’s Estate is located directly on the shore of Lake Sääjärvi in Janakkala, Finland. It is the perfect environment for meetings and events. Carefully selected tastes and scents create an unequivocal rural experience.


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The food philosophy of Mukkula Manor in Lahti, Finland, is based on uncompromisingly elegant world of flavors. Plain and clean tastes of the best ingredients of the season from local producers, with a hint of history.


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Levi Spirit villas at Levi, in the middle of the most beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland has to offer, represent true Arctic luxury. The center of the area is Levi Spirit Lounge, that is a versatile, modern and cosy environment for any types of intimate family or corporate events.

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