For a long time I was looking deep into your eyes,
For a long time I was looking and thinking.
Perhaps one day we’ll get married,
Perhaps one day you’ll be mine…

(Akseli and Elina’s wedding song)

Hääpari suutelee Vanajanlinnan puutarhassa

Welcome to Vanajanlinna situated in Hämeenlinna, Finland!


The big day of your life and celebration of love requires a worthy atmosphere and services. We want to make your wedding day an experience for all the senses, from beginning to end. We are happy to help you organize the wedding of your dreams so that on your wedding day you can just enjoy the party. Our professional staff will take care of you and your guests all the way from arrival until the last second.


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Vanajanlinna Group - experiences through Finland

Hotel Vanajanlinna in Hämeenlinna, Finland is a high-level meeting, celebration and event venue, as well as a destination for individual travellers. Versatile facilities and restaurant’s delicacies adapt to all occasions of your life. We ensure that the event organiser can arrive with confidence knowing that everything has
been attended to.


Linna Golf, which is located within the Vanajanlinna estate in Hämeenlinna,
is rated as the very best in Finland, and the only European Tour affiliated course within the country. The course, which is spread over one hundred hectares utilizes the stunning natural terrain of undulations and spectacular natural features within
its design and making it one of
the very best in the world.


The Forester’s Estate is located directly on the shore of Lake Sääjärvi in Janakkala, Finland. It is the perfect environment for meetings and events. Privacy, the gentle heat of a smoke sauna, the outdoor hot tub and carefully selected tastes and scents create an unequivocal rural experience.



Mukkula Manor is a unique manor hotel on the shore of the beautiful Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti, Finland. The Mukkula Manor offers experiences: meetings, celebrations and all occasions of your life in a beautiful setting, all executed with high quality.



Levi Spirit villas at Levi, in the middle of the most beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland has to offer, represent true Arctic luxury. The center of the area is Levi Spirit Lounge, that is a versatile, modern and cosy environment for any types of intimate family or corporate events.