Through the years Vanajanlinna has served delicacies made from local ingredients and cooked with cooking skills polished to perfection. The beautiful and unique premises can be converted from a conference lunch to an intimate dinner with family or a luxurious banquet. The cornerstones of Vanajanlinna Restaurants catering are pure Scandinavian tastes, locally produced ingredients and ecology.

For weddings our chef has designed a unique buffet-selection that the wedding couple can choose from. Buffet is possible for wedding parties for over 35 persons.
Menus that is served to the tables, are available for weddings of all sizes, from small and intimate dinners for few persons to big parties for over 100 persons. Choose the menu you prefer from the suggestions of the seasons. Please choose the same menu for the whole group, food allergies and special diets will always be noticed separately according to the notice in advance.


Wedding buffet selection 2023

Orders in advance, for minimum of 35 persons

Starters: Choose 3 starters from the following
Marinated Tofu, lemon, chili and crispy curly kale M,G
Grilled cauliflower with cauliflower cream and pomegranate L,G
Smoked salmon, lemon and remoulade sauce L,G
Salt cured whitefish and red sorrel creme M,G
Shrimps Skagen and Finnish dark bread M
Smoked duck breast, cherries and walnuts L,G
Lamb roast, crispy onion and black pepper cream L,G
Roasted beef tenderloin and leaf parsley aioli M,G

Salads: Choose 3 salads from following
Roasted beetroots, goat cheese cream and crispy Emmer wheat L
Strawberries, halloum, balsamico and rocket L,G
Potato salad, marinated red onion, capers and dijon vinegrette M,G
Portobello, broccolini, roasted almonds and curly kale M,G
Cherry tomatoes, Buffalo mozzoralla, basil and pine seeds L,G
Caesar salad with crutongs and parmegian L

Choises for main course: Choose 1 or 2 from following
Lamb entrecôte and madeira sauce M,G
Caramellised pork pluma and shallots sauce M,G
Beef stew with port wine and bone marrow sauce M,G
Smoked trout with lemon and chives sauce L,G
Melanzane L,G

Side orders: Choose 2 from following
Potato-cheese gratin L,G
Oat risotto with artichoke and parmesan L
Seasons vegetables beaurre monte L,G
Roasted root vegetables, honey and rosemary M,G

Green salad and vinaigrette, boiled dill-butter potatoes and a selection of bread are included with the starters.
First, we will serve you the starters, the main course will be served separately.

Coffee / tea and ice water in jugs are included to the price of the menu.

With one main course 66,00 € / person
With two main course 72,00 € / person

– extra starters + 5 € / person / dish
– crayfish added to the ceasar salad 3 € / person
– for dessert, before the cake: French cheeses, crisp bread and jam VL,G +4 € / person

– dessert of not cake, or in addition to the cake + 5 € / person:
Ruby chocolate-pannacotta, raspberry, licorice and merinque VL,G
Dark chocolate, vanilla crème, strawberry and oat brittle  VL
Tiramisu L


We reserve the rights for changes.

VL = low lactose
L = lactose free
M = milk free
G = gluten free

The menu suggestions served to the tables changes four times a yoear. Our chef will publish the menu suggestions about 2 months before the date. Current menus, night snack options and beverage price lists you will find from Vanajanlinna’s group menus.


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