Banquets and weddings

The romantic and beautiful milieu of Mukkula Manor is inviting to celebrate. The manor itself is the most memorable venue for all occasions of life. We want to offer only the best for e.g. weddings, birthday parties, memorial services, christenings, graduation parties, pre-christmas parties or corparate banquets – welcome to Mukkula Manor, a milieu worth for your occasion. In the Manor’s main building restaurant is seats for 50 persons. If you count in the Green Cabinet and the Blue Cabinet, the total seats for dining in Mukkula Manor is 76.
An essential part of banquets in addition of the venue, is good food and drinks. The kitchen of Mukkula Manor offers ready menus or makes a customized menu based on your wishes.
The alcohol serving rights of Mukkula Manor gives a possibility to party until late at night. Hotel rooms are also booked for your guests. Tell us about your dreams, we will make you an offer and help to organize a successful party from the beginning to the end.
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Vanajanlinna Group sales service
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Tel. +358 300 870 579 (0,8 €/min+lnc/mpc)

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