Gracefulness and ghosts

The story of the Manor starts in the 1460s, when documents refer to Mukkula as a village and the name of a house. The Manor’s long and diverse history includes both periods of moderate famine and periods of splendour and riches. Attached to a military hospital as Mucula military manor, the building served as a tax-free freehold estate for around two hundred years. Afterwards, in the 18th century, the main building experienced a large scale change when it shed its original guise of a Swedish army officer’s residence.

Mukkula came into its prime at the end of the 18th century, when it received a new Lord, Captain Arndt Johan von Hausen. Under von Hausen’s leadership, the Manor’s main building was given a splendid imperial aspect and its landscaped English-style gardens were dominated by imposing oak trees. The main building was also renovated on later occasions, and new buildings were constructed on the estate. In those days, the estate had its own dairy and market garden with greenhouses and a heating plant.

Mukkula Manor remained closely linked with the von Hausen family until 1959, when it was put into use by the city of Lahti as a centre for tourism and recreational activities. Since then, the building has operated as a venue for training and arts events. Mukkula has earned its place on the world stage thanks to the annual Literary Festival, which has attracted famous authors to the city since 1963. Since 2003, the Summer Up festival has been held by the lakeside in Mukkula.

The main building had stood empty since 2009, until Vanajanlinna Group turned a new leaf in the Manor’s history at the start of 2015. After two years of renovation, an unique manor hotel was opened. In the renovation was used local suppliers as much as possible, and for example, the interior design was made by Isku from Lahti. Nowadays the story of Mukkula Manor continues with Megaro Oy and it’s resor manager Tiina Aalto.

One cannot describe the history of the Manor, without giving a special mention to the mysterious ghost of Mukkula, which sometimes makes an appearance around the estate. This is what Helli Jalas, a senior guide at Mukkula tells us: “It is said that a female figure sometimes descends the Manor’s stairs and enters the drawing room. It is believed that she is a former Lady of the Manor, wanting to check that everything in the drawing room is still in order – as it should be.”

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