The Lakeside sauna of Mukkula Manor is located on the shore of the Lake Vesijärvi about 100 meters from the main building.
There are two separate sauna spaces and lounges: William and Anna. They have been named according to the Lord and Lady von Hausen, who were the master and the mistress of the Mukkula Manor at the beginning of the 20th century.
William is suitable for events up to 20 persons and Anna up to 13 persons. The saunas are bookable either together or separately.
In William there is a 75″ screen to be connected to a laptop so small, casual meetings are also possible. There is a table for 10 persons, and 6 armchairs in front of the fireplace.
You can bring your own beverages to the sauna. It is also possible to buy beverages from the Mukkula Manor (alcohol max. 5,5%).
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Ask also a suggestion for menu at the sauna or a dinner in the Manor restaurant!
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