All of Vanajanlinna Group’s resorts have high-quality restaurant services so dining is an experience itself. Breakfast, conference lunch, afternoon coffee, festive dinner – all catering is prepared and served without compromising the quality.



Through the years hotel Vanajanlinna in Hämeenlinna, Finland, has served delicatessens made from local ingredients and cooked with cooking skills polished to perfection. The beautiful and unique premises can be converted from conference lunch to an intimate dinner with the family or a luxurious banquet. The cornerstones of Vanajanlinna restaurants catering are pure Scandinavian tastes, locally produced ingredients and ecology.

Restaurants in Vanajanlinna


Forester’s Estate, located in Janakkala, Finland, has an elegant and cozy restaurant building Lake House. There you can have events for up to 50 persons. In the Lake House there is a lot of space to dine and spend time together with your own group. The kitchen offers catering that always fits for the occasion, made with good taste and high-quality ingredients. The Lake House is always booked just for one group at the time, so it is excellent for events that needs privacy or easy-going gatherings.
Catering at Forester's Estate


Mukkula Manor on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi in Lahti, Finland, offers a venue for meetings, banquets and other events. An event in Mukkula Manor is an experience in itself! Beautiful premises and first-class service inspires in the meetings and guarantees a successful party!
Restaurant in Mukkula Manor

Levi Spirit

Levi Spirit Lounge in Taalovaara Levi, Finland, is the center of Levi Spirit Villas -area. Larger groups and families are able to gather in the Lounge for all their meals. The Lounge is versatile, modern and cozy environment for any types of small and intimate family- or corporate events. It can easily be transformed to suit any kinds of gatherings, with only imagination being our limiting factor. The glass framed outdoor lounge can showcase larger products, be used for welcome drinks and speeches, or to be set up as a bar or an additional dining area in summertime.
Levi Spirit Lounge

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