Throughout the years Vanajanlinna has treated its guests with delicacies made with local ingredients and propelled by cooking skills polished to perfection. Restaurant Carl Wilhelm, located in the main building, serves high-quality and atmospheric dining experiences. This restaurant at Vanajanlinna in Hämeenlinna caters to its guests with a relaxed yet sophisticated approach.

In addition to the main castle restaurant, Vanajanlinna has also another restaurant known for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious meals in Hämeenlinna. This Club Restaurant Slotte can be found at the Golf & Country Club on the Vanajanlinna premises. Club Restaurant Slotte serves customers daily during the golf season. Outside the golf season, private events can be arranged by reservation. Club Restaurant Slotte exudes relaxation and values flavorful food without unnecessary embellishments.

Vanajanlinna offers unique and atmospheric restaurants in Hämeenlinna. When seeking sophisticated and high-quality ambiance that crowns the important moments of life and offers a delicious menu, choose Vanajanlinna’s restaurant Carl Wilhelm. Vanajanlinna is just over ten minutes away from Hämeenlinna city center.

When you are looking for a relaxed place for lunch or club-like à la carte atmosphere with delicious food prepared in a modern style, choose Club Restaurant Slotte. This restaurant’s kitchen serves from June to September.

Both Vanajanlinna’s restaurants in Hämeenlinna serve their guests in warm atmospheres, offering their best. For us, first-class service, the comfort of every guest and the culinary delights provided by our kitchen are at the core of what we do.

Restaurant Carl Wilhelm Club Restaurant Slotte

Restaurant Carl Wilhelm – Hämeenlinna Vanajanlinna

Restaurant Carl Wilhelm in Vanajanlinna main building serves individual diners and groups under 10 persons. We hope you will book a table in beforehand. From bigger groups we ast to choose a menu in advance from our group menu suggestions, as more from our sales service.

Restaurant Carl Wilhelm Book a table
Vanajanlinnan ravintola

Club Restaurant Slotte – Vanajanlinna Golf & Country Club Hämeenlinna

During the golf season in Finland, Club restaurant Slotte is open daily at Vanajanlinna Golf & Country Club. In winter you can also organize private events in Club restaurant Slotte.

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