Taking care of yourself and having relaxing moments in the middle of the busy life is vital for the well-being of both body and mind. We offer different types of massage therapy treatments performed by a trained massage therapist. Every appointment is performed on the basis of the individual needs and wishes of the client by applying the methods of classical, sports, fascia and/or lymphatic drainage massage therapies.
Massage therapy services are available on pre-reservations.
Reservations and inquiries:
Massage therapist Eija Kurvinen
Please notice that the terapist can not answer during a treatment, but she will call you back.
Our treatment room is located in the Ratsula building by the Vanajanlinna Golf & Country Club area.
Please check the location in the Map of the area.


Please arrive to the lobby of Ratsula building well in advance (5-10 min) of the scheduled appointment.
Kindly fill in a Consultation Card, which is to be found in the lobby.

Your massage therapist will pick you up from the lobby.

Being late:
If you arrive late, the treatment will shorten correspondingly.

Cancellation of the appointment:
Should you be prevented from arriving to your scheduled appointment, please cancel the appointment 24 hours beforehand.
In case the service is not used, and the scheduled appointment is not cancelled 24 hours beforehand, the entire value of the service will be debited.

Payment of the treatment:
The treatments are paid on the room bill to the Vanajanlinna reception, or agree separately with the massage therapist.
We reserve the right to change the fees.