Terms oF booking, cancellation and payment

Booking terms for groups and corporate reservations

These terms are applied to reservations made by companies, associations etc. and to reservations made by private persons for 10 or more participants.

Read the group terms and conditions


Booking terms for private persons (reservations for 1-9 persons)

These terms are applied to reservations made by private persons for accommodation for less than 10 persons, if there is not a separate agreement made or there is not mentioned otherwise in the terms of reservation.

Vanajanlinna is entitled to apply special terms from those stated here if application of the special terms is due to public holidays, eves of public holidays, special events hosted at the hotel, seasonal changes or additional services (such as restaurant or other services) related to the room.

The terms for companies and groups apply to bookings made from the quota.

The rooms are at your disposal starting from 3 p.m. on arrival day to noon on departure day.

Cancellations without any costs not later than 3 p.m. on the day before of the arrival.
The hotel is entitled to charge minimum fee of one nights’ accommodation with VAT from cancellations after that.
Exception: In case of illness of you or your family, an accident or other unexpected and serious event, the reservation can be cancelled free of charge by representing a reliable documentation showing the reason, e.g. a doctor’s certificate.

Cancellations: Vanajanlinna reception tel. +358300 870 577 (0,8 €/min + lnc/mnc) or e-mail vastaanotto@vanajanlinna.fi.

From the reservations made in our online-reservation system, we will return the paid amount reduced by service fee of 25 € if the cancellation is made no later than 3 p.m. on the day before of the arrival. From cancellations after that, Vanajanlinna is entitled to retain the full paid amount.

Booked hotel room has to be paid on arrival at the Vanajanlinna reception located in the main building. Payment also for other possible services at the spot. Accepted methods of payment are cash and the most common payment cards.